DIY Roman soldier helmet

Finished gold spray painted Helmet

During resurrection Sunday in our youth church, we did a play and we wanted it to be more ancient than contemporary so we decided togo for ancient Jewish costumes. One costume that seemed pretty out of imagination was the Roman soldier helmet.


  1. cardboard/carton box,
  2. Masking tape,
  3. Scissors,
  4. Glue,
  5. Long thin Sponge or broom plastic thistles,
  6. Polyfilla,
  7. Spray paint of your choice.


Step 1: measure your head circumference then cut a strip from the cardboard. Put masking tape at the edges of the cardboard strip so as to form a circle or oval.

iStep 2: cut another strip to run from the forehead to the back of your head the stick it with the masking tape.

Step 3: cut another strip to run between your left ear and your right ear.

Step 4: cut wedged shaped pieces from the cardboard so as to fill up the spaces.

The cut strips put together to form the head framework.

Step 5: cut the pieces for the side hinge.

Helmet with side hinges.

Step 6: cut pieces to fill up the rear of the helmet which protects the rear of the head and the neck. Make a little curve so that the helmet can rest well on the neck.

Step 7: make the head piece that will rest at the top of the helmet. I used some disposed sponge I collected at some construction site which I cut it to form the mo-hawk kind of stuff. If you are cool with spending you can buy some soft broom which you can find in supermarkets. That will look prettier and cool too.

Attaching the headpiece with glue


Step 8: stick the head piece onto the helmet using glue or conta glue. I used masking tape to fasten it on the helmet till it stuck well.

Step 9: leave it for a couple of hours to get ready for the next step.

The piece after the glue has completely dried up.

Step 10: now you are ready to Smoothen the helmet. I used Polyfilla to form the paste which I used to smear all over the helmet. I left it overnight so that it could dry up completely.

The helmet after the Polyfilla paste have dried up ready for spray painting.

Step 11: take a sand paper to smoothen the helmet. Personally I didn’t coz there was so much deadline pressure.

Step 12: I used red acrylic paint to paint the sponge but you can also use red spray paint.

The rest of the helmet I used gold spray paint. I loved how the outcome was. The whole thing costed me nothing actually since all the supplies I had them from previous projects.

More DIY projects will posted. Hoping that helped 😉.